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Who are we? — Why us?

Language Speaking Clubs is a huge community of language lovers and learners which inspires and connects people from all over the world!


You meet people from all over the world. Over 6000 members have joined our clubs! We’ve been organizing speaking clubs for more than a year and we keep growing! Chatting online and offline is the best way to get rid of the fear to speak with foreigners and learn languages faster!


Our team of native speakers, professionals, and enthusiasts are really willing to help you with that! You improve your language by practicing in a natural language environment. Speaking clubs with native speakers make a perfect simulation of actual conversations.


It's cheaper than hiring a tutor or joining a language course. At the moment, we’re running speaking clubs in 8 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese! We do over 20 meetings per week and we're planning on more.


You can meet people and practice languages even without leaving home.You can be flexible with time. There is no homework, no limits and no fixed work hours. You pick the time when you want to use the app whenever it is convenient to you and use it as much as you want to.

SpeakLab App — coming soon

We are happy to announce the launch of a new mobile app that we designed to make the process of finding a club extremely easy for you. The main goal of the app is to connect users and provide current information about the speaking clubs.

SpeakLab app on iPhone

It is not a learning platform, where you pay to do pointless exercises and learn random words that you will hardly ever use. The app is your way to start speaking the language and practice what you already know.


The clubs are available both offline and online. This means you can meet people and practice languages even without leaving home.


We always provide a ton of interesting activities to make the clubs enjoyable.

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Our members about us

Language Speaking Clubs - just awesome! I always enjoy our meetings since very first one))) It`s a good place to have fun and improve your english. And to find new friends from all over the world! Polina Bulgakova
Language speaking clubs is a good opportunity to practice a language in a company of like-minded people. Great place for expats and travelers who don’t know enough Russian but want to mix with the locals! Léa Denimal
I'm really glad that I found your English Speaking Club. In this club there are hospitality, good atmosphere, cool games, interesting topics. I meet interesting people there, I really love these events. Anastasia Polyakova

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Join over weekly online meetings! More information about the events you can find in our groups! Depending on the club and subscription plan you pay $4-10 per club (1.5 hours). To register please click the button below and choose an event, you can pay per event or buy a monthly subscription! In case you have problems with the payment please try to purchase tickets in our Meetup Community

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All times are in Moscow time (GMT +3)


ALBINA: professional, certified english teacher, studied at the: international House Bristol, Kuban State University (translating in a professional field), the Moscow Academy of Professional Competencies, CELT Athens (ELS certification), Cambridge University

ANYA: bi-lingual, bi-cultural Translator and Film Nerd. Anya studied Linguistics at the University of Oxford. She has worked as an Interpreter, a Strategy Consultant and now puts her love of language to use translating films, books and scripts

ISRAEL: professional, certified spanish teacher (FPELE certicifation), native Spanish speaker, studied at the Pedagogia Universidad de Guadalajara as spanish teacher for foreigners. Israel has worked in school and as a private tutor for 6 years

ANTON: professional linguist, translator/interpreter (PhD in linguistics), native russian speaker. Anton has a vast experience in hosting language speaking events

BERTRAND: a native English speaker, who has studied English Literature and English language and a Fashion degree at university. He has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and for The Telegraph newspaper

YULIA: professional teacher, linguist, russian native speaker. She works as a school teacher for 5 years and has vast experience in tutoring and hosting language clubs and online events

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